See the Top 10 Colors for Spring 2016

Representatives from Pantone visited the InStyle New York headquarters recently to give us an exclusive first look at how the new list of Top 10 colors was curated and put together. “This is the number one indication of the colors you’ll be seeing this spring, and the colors you’ll want to wear,” explained Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. “Color is truly contextual, and what is happening in the world is truly reflected by these colors.” The spring 2016 mix, Pressman said, includes colors that are calming and peaceful combined with hues that are bold and playful. “Going into 2016, we wanted to capture the feeling of what we started to see a year ago–this idea that people want to turn off all the incoming information sometimes and stop and unwind,” Pressman told us. “That exhibited itself through color through hues that are calming, comforting, warm and lend a notion of security.”

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